A filmmaker’s investigation into the death of his father takes him deep into the world of golf, chemical lobbying, and citizen activism, where he learns that the rampant use of pesticides around the world may be far more damaging than he thought.

What chance do we have at creating a safer world for ourselves and our children? The answer may lay with the incredible people he encounters along his journey.

What's Happening in Your Community

In Ground War, we lay out the hotspots in this challenge to the turf status quo. How far have the challengers reached, and how far will they need to go, to curb the use of pesticides on playing fields, lawns and golf courses.

Track where communities are fighting for pesticide use restrictions on lawns, playing fields and golf courses, and where restrictions have been put in place.

Take Action

It is also a place for sharing strategies, war stories and seeking advice on how to implement a pesticide restrictions. Users will have the opportunity to connect with others who are in various stages of the battle.

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Watch this space for a link to Ground War, coming soon. In the meantime, please enjoy some of the other thought-provoking releases from Take Action Films.

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